Free to try

AbarCloud is free to try, just contact us. Pricing is based on consumption of resources and ensures that you only pay for what you need.

Per minute billing

We charge per minute. If you need a test environment for 20 minutes, or need to scale up for 45 minutes, you only pay for the period used.

Pay in Rial

We accept Rial in Iran. No visa or mastercard needed and you avoid paying international exchange fees.

Pricing Diagram

This chart compares the cost of traditional servers to AbarCloud. Due to the elasticity of AbarCloud and our per minute pricing, you can save a lot of money. Provision what you need, when you need it.

Examples of AbarCloud pricing:

Our compute containers are charged in blocks of 100MB RAM, and proportional CPU. This is charged per minute meaning you can turn them on and off as you need.

Volume storage

Our storage volumes are charged per gigabyte per minute.

Object storage

Our object storage is charged per gigabyte per minute, per request (GET, PUT etc) and per gigabyte of data transfer used.


We offer dedicated and shared databases, which can be bought on a per minute basis or a cheaper monthly rate.

Optional extras: Master/Slave setup, and Read replicas

Other Services

You can provision other services on AbarCloud (such as RabbitMQ). We do not charge extra for these services, and you will only be charged based on the compute, storage etc that they have used.

How much will it cost to host your applications on AbarCloud?

We have a proven process for customer onboarding. Try it, love it, we will send you a full pricing proposal and you can accept or reject to run your application on AbarCloud.

See how Reyhoon and Botick are using AbarCloud

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