What is AbarCloud?

AbarCloud is Iran's first real public cloud provider, providing a range of products and tools to help startups and companies all the way from development to production and post production.

AbarCloud was established in 2016 and since then has helped many startups ranging from early stage to well developed and well funded companies. AbarCloud helps deploy and scale their systems using the latest technology and best practices.

Why does AbarCloud exist?

Before starting AbarCloud, the founders had a successful exit with their cloud cost forecasting startup in the UK, which was acquired by a Californian cloud company. They stayed on and worked with large enterprise companies as well as with AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

They spoke to a few developer friends who told them that companies in Iran don’t have access to such services, instead they have to buy servers and co-locate them in traditional datacenters. This drove the founders to start AbarCloud, and offer a real public cloud with a per minute pricing model to all startups in Iran.

Helping Iranian startups succeed is our aim, and that is why AbarCloud exists.

Our Founders

Hassan Khajeh-Hosseini
Hassan Khajeh-Hosseini

Upon finishing his Masters at the University of Edinburgh, Hassan became an IT consultant in London, where he lead teams within some of the biggest IT projects in the UK. He then went on to co-found PlanForCloud with Ali, his brother, which was acquired by RightScale. He worked as a product manager for 4 years, before leaving and co-founding AbarCloud.

His passions outside of work are traveling around the world, and also takes part in any exciting activity that gets his heart pumping (he is a qualified Skydiver, surfs and snowboards).

Ali Khajeh-Hosseini
Ali Khajeh-Hosseini

Ali has a PhD from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where he researched Cloud Computing. His PhD project created the basis for his first startup PlanForCloud, which he co-founded with his brother Hassan. After PlanForCloud was acquired by RightScale, Ali went onto become a Software Engineering Director at RightScale, where he led multiple teams across Europe and US.

His passions outside of work are playing football, volleyball, racquetball, squash, and spending as much time as he can exploring nature.

Alistair Scott
Alistair Scott

Alistair studied Computer Science at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and has worked for several startups and companies as a Software Engineer, including Opera Software. He joined PlanForCloud on acquisition, and become a senior software engineer in RightScale, helping lead one of the product lines.

His passions outside of work are skiing, traveling and cooking (especially Iranian food).

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