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Quick and easy

Easy to deploy

Release your application, test, iterate and debug your code quickly.

Easy to scale

Scale your applications up and down in seconds, with no forms to fill in.


Launch your applications on AbarCloud using our self-service UI, API and CLI.

Automated best practices


Our autoscaler will scale your applications up and down depending on your applications’ needs. No need to worry about your traffic.

Auto load balancing

Our load balancers automatically spread traffic amongst all of your running pods. No need to configure your own load balancers.

Auto backups

Databases are automatically backed up and are available in case of a disaster recovery situation. No need to worry about taking backups.

Auto high availability

We ensure that your applications and databases are running across multiple servers therefore if a server fails, your applications will keep running.

Auto recovery

If a component of your application fails due to a resource failure, we automatically relaunch the resources and get your application up and running.


Usage-based pricing

Our pricing is based on consumption of resources, ensuring that you only pay for what your application needs, when it needs it.

Per minute billing

We charge per minute. If you need a test environment for 20 minutes, or need to scale up for 45 minutes, you only pay for the period used.

Case studies


We now run everything on AbarCloud using Docker. We have saved time and money, and our DevOps team can focus on tooling instead of managing servers.

Farzad Shafiee
VP Engineering, Reyhoon
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AbarCloud’s support really helped in getting us up and running fast and cheaply. Everything now runs on AbarCloud.

Sanaz Soleimani
Co-founder, Storm
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We have a lean mindset, so we like AbarCloud because we can focus on our product and not on our servers.

Saman Ahmadi
CTO, Botick
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Product summary

AbarCloud is a public cloud provider. You can use AbarCloud regardless of the programming language, the database and storage requirements of your application. We offer a broad set of products and tools to help you from development all the way through to production and to post production services such as monitoring and optimization.

We also offer some out-of-the-box, easy to deploy solutions to help you. Here are some examples:


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