Sanaz Soleimani, Co-Founder @SanazSlm
Amin Sheikhi, Co-Founder @amin_sheikhi
Tech stack
NodeJS, PostgreSQL, ExpressJS, AngularJS

Storm is changing the way customers do their accountancy, by offering a Software as a Service solution with powerful APIs. Users can integrate their online stores and CRM systems into Storm, which will use the data to automate some of the hardest tasks of accountancy.

Prior to AbarCloud, Storm was using Heroku, but was cut off due to sanctions on Iranian based companies. Following this, Storm tested multiple hosting and solution providers in Iran, but were very disappointed with their products and their support. They also struggled to find a provider who provides good documentation with examples.

I have never seen support like what AbarCloud provide. It has been one of the best support systems I have ever used. They don’t just host and scale our systems, but also help us in making decisions on what technology we could use.

Sanaz Soleimani, Co-Founder

Having heard of AbarCloud from a friend, they read through our documentation, used the AbarCloud UI as well as the CLI, and decided to run a trial. After the trial, they were so pleased that they switched everything including staging, databases and their production to use AbarCloud.

AbarCloud is very well priced. We are getting features which help us focus on our application and not on managing our servers for the same price as we would have paid from a standard hosting provider in Iran.

Sanaz Soleimani, Co-Founder

Another issue Storm faced was paying for external services as they did not have access to VISA, and had to purchase pre-paid giftcards. Once they switched to AbarCloud, this was automatically taken care of as AbarCloud charge in Rial in Iran.

I love you AbarCloud.

Sanaz Soleimani, Co-Founder

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