Farzad Shafiee, VP of Engineering
Tech stack
PHP, ReactJS, BackboneJS, SocketIO, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ

Reyhoon is an online food ordering application. Users can select from a wide range of dishes from local restaurants, which will be cooked and delivered upon ordering. Reyhoon is currently scaling fast, and capturing market share.

Prior to using AbarCloud, Reyhoon was using a VPS provider. However, as they grew and gained market share, they wanted to focus on their product, and not on setting up and maintaining servers. They started assessing a few providers, including AbarCloud.

We started seeing issues with our VPS approach as we scaled up our business. We also knew these issues will only get harder as we scale. Adding servers, load balancers and maintenance takes a lot of time.

Farzad Shafiee, VP of Engineering

Reyhoon then went into a testing phase with AbarCloud, looking at everything from product, customer support to AbarCloud as a company. They brought up a project and ran it in production for 3 months to test stability, speed of scale and functionality.

During our test, we also compared AbarCloud’s costs and manual work needed to manage our environments vs a VPS provider. We were very pleased with the outcome of both the production tests as well as our future needs being met on AbarCloud.

Farzad Shafiee, VP of Engineering

Reyhoon had played with Docker before, however not in a serious manner. With the help of AbarCloud, they got more comfortable with Docker and saw the many advantages that it would bring to their business.

We now run more or less everything on AbarCloud using Docker. They have provided great support, helping us with technology decisions too. We have saved money and time and have been able to automate many of the DevOps tasks. Our DevOps now research new tooling to help us speed up vs maintain servers.

Farzad Shafiee, VP of Engineering

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