Saman Ahmadi, Co-Founder & CTO
Tech stack
PHP Laravel, MySQL, Redis, VueJS, Native Andriod app

Botick is an online search portal allowing users to find clothes they want to buy online and offline in stores and shopping centers. They are in a high growth stage, achieving millions of views per month via their website and their app.

Prior to using AbarCloud, Botick was hosted on a shared host, which was struggling to scale as they grew. As they forecast their growth, it was clear that shared hosting is not the right answer. They then looked at dedicated servers, but these came at a high cost and with a big management overhead.

If we had got servers, we would have had to pay monthly for our maximum capacity and keep adding servers. Now, we just pay for what we use.

Saman Ahmadi, Co-Founder & CTO

Prior to moving everything on AbarCloud, they tested multiple factors.

First they looked at how much AbarCloud would cost as they grew their usage. This came in at a very reasonable price as AbarCloud charges per minute of usage, and also would save a lot of time, enabling Botick to focus on their product and features vs managing, updating and configuring their servers, load balancers and databases.

We have a lean mindset, so we like AbarCloud because we can focus on our product and not on our servers.

Saman Ahmadi, Co-Founder & CTO

Second, Botick did a load test on AbarCloud to see how the platform would handle and scale with added users and usage. They were happy with the result, which enabled them to add or remove resources as they need either manually or automatically.

Investors would ask us what we would do when we hit 1 million users, and we would say buy servers. They would ask if we knew anything about managing that setup. Now, we have an answer and a solution that scales with us and we don’t need to worry about future scale.

Saman Ahmadi, Co-Founder & CTO

Botick moved all their services to using Docker with the help of AbarCloud, which has enabled them to run even leaner and faster.

I think we moved to AbarCloud in about a day. The AbarCloud team has helped us with technical decisions and also with setting up our production services for scale using Docker.

Saman Ahmadi, Co-Founder & CTO

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